Assignment 2: Idea Presentation #2 and Reading Gathering

Individual assignment

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1:

Review the presentations from your peers in last class.

Pick one idea that someone other than you presented, or come up with a new idea that you have not proposed last week (in the presentation or in your write-up). Spend some time thinking it over, and substantially improve the idea.

The same rules apply as in as assignment 1: Think big and out of the box, as discussed in Class 1. Think crazy, in the good way. Target high risk, high payoff ideas. Don't just think about death or disease, but all the other aspects of health discussed in Class 1 that could benefit from more attention. Be realistic ... remember we want to build something that works!

You need to flesh out the idea in enough detail so that you understand everything that the application would do. This will probably involve trying to specify what will be displayed when.

Next, develop an extended "elevator pitch" for one of the ideas. This will be twice as long as the prior presentation: a 2-minute pitch to describe the idea to the rest of the class as best as you can. As before, your goal is to convince us that you have come up with a great idea ... innovative, creative, appropriate for mobile devices, useful, engaging, addictive, and buildable in the span of a semester. Read up more on Google Glass or Android Wear. Dig into the details a bit. Incorporate what you learn.

You will present your idea in class as part of our 2-Minute Madness Idea Pitch session in Class 3. Use this template.

Part 2:

The purpose of this part of the assignment is to have the everyone in the class start collecting useful information that will help all the teams create better projects. We want to find three things:

Sign up for Mendeley (go to Take a look at the papers in the "Health Innovation with Google Glass" group (clicking on this link will pull it up, searching doesn't seem to work). Find and read the articles mentioned. Now, using your best searching techniques, find 2 more readings that you think are relevant for the class. The goal is not to find just any old readings, but insightful ones that provide information not found in the other readings. Enter the citation information carefully and fully for the two readings you find and add a tag with your last name so we know it was you who entered the reading. If you find a reading that is not available online but you find the PDF, please send it to Stephen and he'll make it available to everyone. Because of the way Mendeley works, we can not use it to post PDFs easily but we will assemble a class resource. Note that you can also install Mendeley software on your computer versus using the web interface, which might be a bit easier.

If in your digging you find technical nuggets or websites that look especially useful, please add those to the Glass Resources Google Doc we have started, found here. Append your last name [LastName] when you add the list.

Hand in:

Email your slides as PPT named PHIDD-[YourFirstName][YourLastName].2mm.ppt to by the deadline so there is time to compile them before class.

Please practice your presentation and make a strong pitch.

Make sure you've added two great, new readings to Mendeley!