Assignment 4: Team Project Concept Presentation

Team assignment

With your team select the idea you will focus on for the class project. This should be done carefully, because you need to address an important, real-world health problem, innovate technically, and be ambitious but work within the constraints of the semester so you can have a polished, innovative, and important/useful app by Dec 1.

The importance of selection of a good idea can't be underestimated, and teams are strongly encourage to gather as much feedback from classmates, friends, family, and the instructors as possible before making a final decision.

Remember: Think big and out of the box. Think crazy, in the good way. Target high risk, high payoff ideas. Don't just think about death or disease, but all the other aspects of health discussed in Class 1 that could benefit from more attention. Be realistic ... remember you need to build something that works!

Note that this idea is NOT the same idea as you developed for the Mirror API assignment. In most cases we expect them to be different.

Your team needs to flesh out the idea in enough detail so that you understand everything that the application will need to do and all the technical components that must be built. This will probably involve trying to specify what will be displayed when.

Next, develop an extended "elevator pitch" for the idea.

We will invite experts into the class to listen to your presentations. Imagine you are making a pitch to an investor. You want to build this app, so you must justify why it is solving an important problem, and why your team is likely to be successful. Professionally make the case that your idea is innovative, creative, appropriate for mobile devices, useful, engaging, addictive, buildable in the span of a semester.

You are strongly encourage to include some type of storyboard, video, or video storyboard in your presentation.

For this presentation, there is no specific slide template or style. You have 6 minutes to make a professional, detailed pitch, that strongly justifies why the problem you have selected (and the solution you proposed) is where your work will have the most impact on health and transforming healthcare as we know it. You will be cut off after six minutes, so practice your timing. There will be time for discussion after each presentation.

Hand in:

Email your slides as PPT named PHIDD-Team[Number].ProjectPitch.ppt to by 4PM on Wednesday so there is time to compile them before class.

Please practice your presentation and make a strong pitch. The level of professionalism for the presentation should be very high.