Assignment 9:Word Game Part 4: Two-Player Dabble (+Sensor Secret Sauce for 5520)




These categories and point assignments are subject to change, but they should give you general sense of what we are looking for. What is most important on this assignment is that you end up with a polished and robust design and implementation of a novel word game. Think of it this way. When you show this to someone, will he or she be able to pick it up, immedately start playing and understand it, have fun playing in synchronous and asynchronous mode (or single or multi-player), and ultimately have a positive experience playing?


  Named properly (NUMAD14S-YourFirstName][YourLastName]) No extra app icons show up on launcher Button added to prior assignments, which are still available and work Activity is titled "Two Player Word Game" Allows synchronous play Allows asnynchronous play Turntaking easy to understand Something reasonable happens when the internet fails Easy to initiate a game with other player (3=no hard-to-remember components and works; 2= migtht be hard to remember; 1=works but difficult; 0 = doesn't work) Player gets a sense of what is happening with the other player when both actively playing Notification bar is used when not playing actively Timer works properly Quit button is available Snappy/fast performance throughout testing Quality of overall game experience (0 to 3) (0=not playable, 1=barely playable, 2=good, 3=exceptional) Formatting (buttons, graphics, text, bullet points) not sloppy (2) (2 = perfect, 1 = could use even small improvement, 0 = needs improvement) Good feedback when a word is entered successfully Good feedback when buttons pressed (e.g., vibration, sound, visual) Top score list appears to work (2 = works properly across phones, 1 = works on single phone, 0 = doesn't appear to work) Sensor used (only for students in 5520) to make game experience better (5 = great experience, 3 = works but slows actual game play, 0 = if not implemented or did something that could be done with a button tap) Acknowledgements screen included, well formated, and provides enough detail to understand what was included Nothing breaks when rotate phone Nothing breaks when reboot the phone No typos (0 or 2) Bug free (e.g., no crashes) Source code on Bitbucket Git code appears to have only needed files Git code is well organized with logical package names Git res directory code is well organized with clear naming convention Git code shows meaningful, incremental commits on Bitbucket Issue tracker being used appropriately and shows tasks being entered, ranked, and worked on Total points  Submitted at time of check? (Y/N) Any special bells and whistles? Note problems for feedback (but these should be entered in the Bitbucket issue tracker too)
Possible points 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 3 2 2 1 1 3 3 2 1 1 2 5 2 1 1 2 5 1 2 2 2 3 2 60