Mobile App Development: Final Project Instructions

Your final project is the culmination of all your hard work in the course. Your goal should be to produce an app that will be a strong addition to your programming portfolio that is creative, well-designed, addictive, useful, and robust. Your app must have a clean design that feels simple, operate smoothly and without sluggishness, not crash, and have a clever twist. The app must take advantage of one or more of the unique capabilities of the phone and have the potential to stay interesting even after extended use. No explanation should be necessary to use the app beyond what someone might read on the Play Store when downloading it. The design should respect the ideas we have talked about in class and be in the scope of helping with some health-related issue.

Your team will present your idea during one of the two last classes using the Final Presentation Template. The template describes the structure of the presentation. Your team should email your presentation to Mansoor the evening before your presentation. The class will be randomly divided into two groups. Group 1 will present on the 2nd to last class. Group 2 will present on the last class.

You will submit your assignment by publishing on the Play Store. You will also update your Git repository. Assignments are due on Wed Apr 17 (end of day) for those registered for the undergraduate version of the course, and Sat Apr 20 (end of day) for those registered for the graduate version. Teams can request a regrade up through the end of the day on Apr 26 (at which time the latest app on the Play Store will be used).

Please carefully follow these instructions:

The heuristic checklist (and other items discussed in class) should be considered as you put the finishing touches on your app.