Assignment 9: Trickiest Parts of Project and Half-way Done

This is a TEAM assignment due Sat Mar 30 at end of day.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you make progress on your final project. Your goal is to develop the trickiest parts of your final project app and make a convincing case that your application is half way to completion. Significcant aspects of the application must be working smoothly and robustly. For teams using sensing, this will often include the component of the app that uses sensors.

Take the following steps:

Both team members should add a new button to their apps on the Play Store: "Trickiest Part." One team member will just call the Activity in the other team member's package. Your main app will then have 6 buttons: About (with your team info), Generate Error (generates error), Quit (exits), Sudoku (runs Sudoko from Assignment 1), Boggle (runs assignment 4), Two-Player Boggle (runs assignment 7), and your new button. Do not add a new icon and launcher for this game ... It should be launched from the home screen of the same app you had for Assignment 1.

Those using sensors who do not have access to phones will probably need to come to help sessions to test on real phones.

Turn in:

Grades will be assigned as follows:

One member of each team should send an email with subject line "Assignment9". Name the PDF file [TeamMember1FirstName][TeamMember1LastName][TeamMember2FirstName][TeamMember2LastName].assign9.pdf and send to both Mansoor and