Assignment #4-Part 2: Project idea storyboarding


Individual assignment


You've been brainstorming. You've received some feedback. You have hopefully iterated on various ideas. It's time to propose your best idea and use storyboards to describe your concept as fully as you can. You may need to combine some of the techniques that have been discussed in class and in the design readings.


If your idea presented at the 1 minute MADness got a good response and has received a good response from Stephen, you might continue with it. If your idea has received a lukewarm response, you should come up with a new idea or a radically improved idea.


Your assignment should include the following information for your proposed app:

Next include scans of sketches or storyboards showing your concept in as much detail as you can. Your goal is to succinctly but thoroughly convey how it might work. You should also convey that you have thoughtfully considered the details about how (and why) someone would use it.


Do not:


This assignment will be graded based on how well you follow the instructions above and how well your idea reflects understanding of the design reading, use of the design strategies, creativity, and inventiveness. We are not looking for pages and pages of material. We are looking for clear descriptions and good ideas.


Email your assignment with subject line "Assignment 4" to Mansoor and as a PDF file named [YourFirstName][YourLastName].assign4.pdf by the deadline.