Assignment #4-Part 1: 1-Minute MADness Presentation


Individual assignment

Based on the feedback you received from Assignment 2, either pick your best idea or, come up with a new idea.


Develop an "elevator pitch" for a potential final project idea. This will be a 1-minute presentation to describe the idea to the rest of the class as best as you can. Your goal is to convince us that you have come up with a great idea ... innovative, creative, appropriate for mobile devices, useful, engaging, addictive, buildable in the span of a semester, etc. (It will probably help you to read my notes on ideas from a prior semester carefully). In short, after your 1 minute, we should be thinking, "Wow! What a great project idea! Why didn't I think of that?"


Hand in:

You will present your idea in class as part of our 1-Minute MADness Project Pitch session. You must develop 3 slides using this template.


Email your slides with subject line "1MM" as PPT named [YourFirstName][YourLastName].1mm.ppt to both Mansoor and by the assignment deadline.


Note that you are absolutely not committing yourself to this particular idea as your final project. Your goal in this exercise is to come up with a great idea that others will with enthusiastic about and make a good 1 minute pitch for that idea. This is part of a process to help you come up with an innovative idea.