Assignment 9: Optional Assignment: All Downhill From Here

Due Tue Nov 27 by 9PM

This is a TEAM assignment.

This is an optional assignment. Your grade on this assignment will replace any other grade for the term except the final project grade.

The assignment is simple. Turn in your project app as it is on Tuesday.

Make the case for why all the most challenging parts of your project are done and it is "all downhill from here" for turning it in at the end of the term.

Turn in:

Grades will be assigned as follows:

Important note: A high grade on this assignment does not guarantee a high grade on the final project. The assumption is that much work will take place between this assignment and the final project and that work will be critical to making the final app meet the course guidelines. This assignment will primarily address whether there appears to be technical progress, not the overall quality of the project app and the user experience, which will be evaluated for the final project in addition to the technical complexity.

One member of each team should send an email with subject line "Assignment9". The email should include the names of both team members and the information requested above. Please send to both Elica and