Programming Assignment Week 5-6:

Project: One Week to Go

Due Tuesday June 14 by 6PM

This is a team assignment

When you turn in this assignment you have one week to go before your turn in your project.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you refine your application, to help you get the help of others to squash bugs, and to help you ramp up for a final programming push that will result in a great project that you can be really proud of.

Reviewing, your apps and app concepts need to be creative, well-designed, addictive, and robust. Your app must have a clean design that feels simple, operate smoothly and without sluggishness, not crash, and be well-designed and fun to play but with a clever twist. The app must take advantage of one or more of the unique capabilities of the phone and have the potential to stay interesting even after extended use. No explanation should be necessary to use the app beyond what someone might read on the Market when downloading it. The design should respect the ideas we have talked about in class and be in the scope of helping with some health-related issue. Doing this well will require that you took paper prototyping seriously ... either that or you got lucky.

Your goal for this assignment is to implement as much as your project as possible, thoroughly test what you have, and publish. You will subsequently learn a lot as they use it and report crashes or provide you with feedback. While you can and likely still will have a substantial amount of polishing to do, enough of the app must be implemented so that someone using it can clearly get the "gist" of what it will be like in the end, perhaps without a few of the final bells and whistles you will add. The interaction model should be clear.

Once again, you will add a new button to your Market app: "Preliminary project: [Your app name]". This should run your app. Instead of updating the description of your app on the Market (which might attract people to download it, which we want to avoid at this point), please have one splash screen when the program is first run. This screen should include ONLY the following: (1) the app's name, and (2) the short description of the app that would appear on the Market (4000 characters max, including spaces), and (3) a "Start" button.

This assignment will be evaluated by Stephen on the above criteria, particularly the aspects related to functionality. Your app will also be evaluated by two other people who are not familiar with your project on the design aspects. You will be provided with a small amount of feedback on how the app was received in time to make modifications during the final week of programming.

In addition, for this assignment each team should submit a zipped file with the self-contained Eclipse project directory named [TeamName].zip to Stephen. If there is a major problem, this will give Stephen the ability to take a look at what might be going on. (Otherwise the code itself won't be reviewed)