Programming Assignment Week 4:

Context-Sensitive "Health Game"

Due Tuesday June 7 by 6PM

This is a team assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking creatively about how to combine some of the programming and design skills you have picked up and to help you head towards a great project. To create a killer app, you need to think about clever ways to use context.

You have two options for this assignment:

In this exercise, you need to exploit one or more of the phone's sensors. In the end, you should have a game that, like Boggle or the alternative addictive game you choose, has the following qualities and unique variation:

Most (but not all, depending on project idea) of the games should be possible to play in short bursts while waiting in line, on the train, etc.

To do this well and in the time you have, you will need to employ paper prototyping. You will also need to reuse code from Programming Assignment 3.

Once again, you will add a new button to your Market app: "New Game: [Your game name]". This should run your game. Your app must look good, not crash, and be well-designed and fun to play but with a clever twist.

This assignment should help you continue to improve your Android programming skills and head toward an interesting project that uses context in a new way in a health or wellness application.