Programming Assignment Week 1:


Hello Mobile Application Development (HelloMAD) on Marketplace


Due Sunday May 15 by 6PM


The purpose of this assignment is to help you get started with the Android development tools. You will “publish” your first application on the Android Market. This application will evolve over the course into your final project. When you have an update, you will send it to the Market. I will grade the apps right off the Market.


Using the Hello Android text and materials on the Android developer website (, create a Hello Mobile Application Development (HelloMAD) application.


This is the program that you will update throughout the course.


Your app should have the following:

-          A Titlebar with the name of your team

-          A “Team Members” button that should pop up your name(s) and email(s) and the version number of the app. It is also helpful if you pop up the phone's unique ID.

-          A “Sudoku” button that should pop up the Sudoku example from the Hello, Android text. This example can be found from the publisher's code site for the book. You should select the Sudokuv4 version of the code.

-          A “Create error” button that should intentionally cause an error in the code to crash the program (this will be used to test the Google error tracking feature). 

-          A unique icon that gets placed on the phone’s app list.

-          Any other bells and whistles you want to add.  


The app should only run on phones with phone ID/IMEI numbers that have been given to you. If someone runs your application on a non-authorized phone, it should print a message such as “This is a test application not intended for public use” for a few seconds and then close. The app should have the name NUMAD-[YourTeamName] on the phone.  Use the package edu.neu.madcourse.yourteamname.


Stephen will send you information by Thu night with specific instructions about how you will publish your application on the Android Market.  


As you complete this assignment and have “aha!” moments where you figure tricky things that might hold other people up, you should add those to class wiki. Every person should add at least one tip to the wiki.


You will be graded based on how well you follow the instructions above using the app on the Market Sunday night at 6PM.