OPTIONAL Design Assignment Week 5:

Project Idea Critique from Another Team (and Stephen)

Project descriptions due Wednesday in class; Critiques due back by Sat night at 6PM (via email)

This is an OPTIONAL team exercise.  

This is your chance to get more feedback on your project idea.

Teams have the option of turning in a revised project description by Wednesday in class. This must be in the form of two hard copies ... one for the other team and one for Stephen. Any teams that do this will be paired with another team that hands in a design sketch as well. By Fri evening, the teams should critique each other's project ideas and send responses to each other via email (cc'ing Stephen). Stephen will also critique any ideas turned in and provide his feedback as well. Teams that do an especially thorough and thoughtful job for other teams will be given some extra credit on the next design assignment.

The goal here is to help the other team as much as possible and to get help for your team. This might range from high-level suggestions about how to improve the concept, to low-level critiques of how to make specific paper prototyped screens better. The quality of a feedback a team gets will be completely dependent on how well the team describes the idea and how much detail is provided about how it works.

Feedback should be positive but also realistic. If you think the other team's concept has holes, help film them. If you think the concept is too complicated, make suggestions on how to simplify it.

Note that all teams are EXPECTED to be doing their own paper prototype with friends throughout the design process so as to converge on a killer app for a project. This assignment does not, and cannot, replace that work.