In Class Paper Prototyping Week3:


Tuesday May 24

This is a team exercise.

This class will be spent paper prototyping. Here is how it will work.


Each team should come to class prepared with a paper prototype of an innovative mobile app that the team is proposing to create for the course project. This idea WILL evolve and improve as we go forward, but you need to put your best idea down on a paper prototype so that you can get some feedback before you turn this design in on Thursday. We will divide the class into four parts.

Each team will conduct two 25 minute paper prototype sessions with another team and be the test users for two other sessions.

The pairing will be selected randomly. If there is an odd number of teams present, Jason Nawyn will be the user for the remaining team.

Your goal is to to use this time effectively to improve your interface.25 minutes is short. You will need to be quick to get through many screens if you have an interface that has many options.


Ideally each team will have practiced in advance amongst the team or with friends and have components so that "playing a computer" goes quickly. If your team comes unprepared, you will waste valuable time you could have spent improving your project ideas.


Teams should bring all the materials they need for two 25 minute paper prototyping sessions (see the Rettig article). This may include the following: