From Tue Jan 25 16:35:45 2000
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 100 16:58:56 -0500 (EST)
From: Stephen Intille
Subject: Re: Inventing the sleeping space

Home Inventors,

here are some good ideas from Glaire to think about, building on
our sessions.

On the web page are actions that we do in the sleeping/bath spaces.
(see Fri Jan 14 session entries)

What's missing from our discussions?

See you at lunchtime.


Forwarded message:

> Whole House:
> Storage space under the house for ALL items usually stored in closets,
> dressers, etc. Temperature controlled and monitored by computer. Delivery
> of appropriate items to a "portal" in each room.
> Cleaning systems for dishes and laundry either part of under-house area or
> behind walls.
> Room "portals" make closets, etc. unnecessary, though such items can be
> added if owner likes
> Flexible, soundproof "walls" that fold away into the walls spaced regularly
> around the house. These can be configured to create separate rooms easily,
> but can be folded away to create an open floorplan during the day.
> The only rigid non-configurable interior walls are those of the bathroom,
> creating a greater sense of privacy than the flexible walls used to
> configure living spaces in rest of the house.
> Floor levels can be changed for different functions (create sleeping
> platforms, table surfaces, etc.)
> Triple sash windows throughout house, based on those at Monticello, which
> can be used as doors or windows. Allows a high level of flexibility in the
> space usage. Glass is thermal and opacity can be controlled for each sash.
> Heated floors (I've read that if you're in contact with a heated surface
> the air around you can be somewhere around 10 to 20 degrees cooler than one
> would usually need for comfort)
> Rounded corners/wall-floor meets to prevent dust accumulation
> Routing of organic waste to compost bin/center
> Routing of recyclable trash to bin/center
> Bedroom:
> platforms for sleeping/reading that conform to individual for highest
> comfort level, depending on what one is using it for at the time.
> Portal for delivery (and removal) of clothing, or anything else stored in
> the storage unit under the floor of the house
> Computer could deliver coffee to bedroom portal when alarm goes off, have
> breakfast ready or ingredients out and available in kitchen, deliver
> clothing to bedroom while resident is in shower, etc. Based on normal
> routines (different schedules on week days/weekends)
> Flexible walls can be used at night to give parents and child privacy, or
> at any time to create private spaces within the larger living area
> Bath:
> Jacuzzi shower (space-saving but better than normal shower) with
> sensor-controlled water heads
> Rigid walls for greater sense of privacy
> "Floating" sink/counter and toilet to reduce areas for dust accumulation
> Some way of sterilizing surfaces quickly and easily
> Heated floor w/ pleasant-to-touch surface
> Portal for delivery of toiletries, delivery and removal of clothing/towels