Sleeping space

These are the main actions we want our sleeping/relaxing space to handle, simplify, or in some cases eliminate. Does your design do the trick?   Remember, think minimization of objects.

cleaning (floor, dusting)
complaining about the noisy neighbors
finding a lost item
making the bed
putting away clothes
being cold (feet, body)
trying to wake up
manipulating devices (lights, tv, temperature, music)
using a PDA
bathroom visits
viewing health status
worrying about germs
communicating (answering phones, audio conferencing, video conferencing, voice mail)
communicating – text-based (checking email, reading news)
checking status of home (security, fridge, time)
checking status outside home (news, weather, traffic)
minimize dead space
drinking something
getting massaged
getting medical checkup
keeping a journal
communication - leaving messages (for self, family, email)
listening to the radio in surround sound
looking at photo albums
looking at pictures on wall
looking out the window
monitoring a remote loved one
minimize laundry
reading (news, book, msgs)
recording diary
setting security system
trying to fall asleep
typing information
watching TV