Sources of inspiration for the home reinventor:

Gadget catalogs

I'd recommend getting the mailing list for the printed versions, which are easier to browse than the online counterparts.

"Enhancing your life at home."  Gadgets.

Continental Airlines shopping catalog is full of silly gadgets from many different catalogs.

More gadgets.

The Sharper Image
A staple in malls across the country.

Gadgets for self-indulgence.

There are more...know any?

Catalogs for things you use

You need this stuff at home, so this is a useful idea generator.

Container Store
Containers say a lot about the stuff we need and use.

There are more...know any?

Ergonomic/health care catalogs

InteliHealth Healthy Home
Health care products.

There are more...know any?

Home automation catalogs
Gadgets for controlling your home

Home Controls, Inc.
Automation and networking for the home.

There are more...know any?

Home security and covert security catalogs

Super Circuits
Small video cameras, etc.

There are more...know any?

Robotic kits

Stylish furniture with functionality in mind

Don't get too caught up in aesthetics. Look for the functional attributes.

Building suppliers

Home Depot
Take a stroll at your local store and think.


Back to the Future
Enemy of the State

There are more...know any?

Crazy inventions

International Chindogu Society
Lots of strange inventions, most useless but possibly inspirational

IBM's Patent Server
Check out the Gallery of Obscure Patents while you are there.


Popular Mechanics
Scientific American
NASA website
Gardening sites
Professional building resources