Inventing a Home of the Future

Ground Rules



To, as best we can, detail the functional design of "interfaces" in the ideal home of the future. When we are done, our design should help us better understand what people do, want to do, and might want to do in their homes of the future. We'll aim to end up with a description that is detailed enough so that we can:

We only have 8 seminar sessions, so we need to keep moving. We'll be as detailed as we can be given the severe time constraint.  We will keep in mind that we are designing just a single example of one home of the future ... not THE home of the future. 


How this course will work

We will:

After each class I will summarize the ideas we come up with and send out emails.

Physical constraints

Good design requires constraint.  Here are our design constraints:

Technology constraints

Our design should:

Aesthetics constraints

User constraints

Our users are a family of two with a small grandchild child who visits occasionally.   The adults will live in the home until they are very old.

We will not worry about

Last but not least

Bring a bag lunch.  If things get too serious, we'll eat some cookies.