Bathing space

These are the most common actions we want our bathing/medical space to handle, simplify, or in some cases eliminate. Try to incorporate them all into your design.

cleaning (floor, dusting,
finding a lost item
getting dressed
finding clothes
being cold (feet, body)
putting away clothes
controlling devices (lights,
using a PDA
using bathroom sink
using toilet
waking up (the process)
worrying about germs
typing information
applying curlers
applying deodorant
applying hair spray
applying makeup
blow-drying hair
brushing hair
brushing teeth
bundling trash
cleaning the toilet
cleaning the tub
clipping nails
cutting hair
drying off after bath
falling down
finding someone
ironing clothes
putting on body lotion
putting on chapstick
removing watch
shaving face
shaving legs
soaping up
sorting the laundry
storing information
storing towels
studying appearance
taking a bath
taking medicine
taking vitamins
trimming hair
using mouthwash
waiting for clean water
waiting for hot water
washing hands
viewing health status
communicating (answering phones, audio conferencing, video conferencing, voice mail)
communicating – text-based (checking email, reading news, leaving messages)
checking status of home (security, fridge, time)
checking status outside home (news, weather, traffic)
manipulating devices (lights, tv, temperature, music)
drinking water
getting massaged
getting medical checkup
keeping a journal
communication - leaving messages (for self, family, email)
listening to the radio in surround sound
reading (news, book, msgs)
looking at photo albums
looking at pictures on wall
looking out the window
monitor a remote loved one
recording diary
watching TV
controlling counter height
controlling the kitchen
counting food inventory (for meal planning)
engaging in collaborative work
filtering water
getting fresh air
getting water in cup
making beverage (e.g. coffee)
opening/closing blinds
opening/closing windows
picking out wardrobe
planning the day
recycling trash
rinsing off
selecting jewelry
taking a relaxing bath
talking to SO
talking with children
taping a show/movie
trying to cheer up
using wearable computer
watching a video tape