From looking at your suggestions, here are some comments to think over:

Here are the actions you suggested we should build into our sleep/relaxation space/nook/cranny. I have ordered them as best I could in order of priority.

Sleeping activities (highest priority)

Relaxation activities

Properties of the space

Highest priority

Good for back/health
Monitors sleep
Gets fresh air
Easy to clean
Feels secure
Handicap accessible
Storage space for (?)

Comfort priority

Can be very quiet
2 Adults separated from 1 child
Permit isolation from rest of home
A couple can do different activitivies
Availability of liquid
Reading light

Would be nice

Can enjoy a fire
Can enjoy pictures
Can see outside
Can enjoy plants
Close access for adults to young child
Clutter free
Convenient for laundry work
Mirrors (for dressing)
Bench (for dressing?)
Remote control for lights, HVAC, audio, appliances (why?)
Disappearing beds
Place to eat and drink

Activities we will defer to another area

Relaxing bathing (we will defer this somewhat to our bathing area discussion)
Playing w/ children
Dancing/aerobics (deferred to another area)

"Sparks" of ideas