Actions you could be doing in the home...

eating breakfast with [] snacking taking out trash bundling trash
cooking showering taking a bath waking up
trying to wake up entertaining guests drinking [] drinking socially
recycling trash opening windows closing windows adjusting the temperature
grilling food growing food watering plants trimming plants
washing clothes drying clothes hanging clothes ironing clothes
putting away dishes putting away clothes cleaning up clothes collecting dry cleaning
talking to people repairing things napping sleeping
drawing painting singing playing an instrument
cleaning floors making phone calls reading studying
shaving shaving legs brushing teeth using mouthwash
studying appearance brushing hair soaping up rinsing off
drying off getting dressed using toilet (standing) using toilet (sitting)
applying deodorant applying makeup applying hair spray blow-drying hair
applying curlers checking email word processing using the computer
writing exercising (aerobics) exercising (weights) dancing (alone)(types)
dancing (partners) (types) watching TV cutting hair trimming hair
checking the weather checking the news listening to the radio looking out the window
assembling stuff playing feeding pets playing with pets
walking pets cleaning pet cages dusting feeding children
playing with children dressing children talking with children picking out wardrobe
shopping online shopping food online organizing food plugging in elec. devices
organizing furniture falling asleep getting the mail reading the mail
leaving a msg for family reading msgs from family getting food from fridge making toast
cooking on stove cooking in oven chopping [] cutting wood
making a fire enjoying a fire stirring food serving food
eating dinner with [] working (on job work) checking status of home finding someone
finding a lost item finding keys unlocking door unlocking devices
using utensils lighting a match lighting candles checking the time
typing information recording a sound byte washing hands playing a video game
using tools using a flashlight turning on lights using a remote
adjusting the TV measuring distances activating home equipment opening doors
checking voice mail vacuuming using a credit card using a PDA
doing strength exercises calculating budget finding addresses opening garage door
closing garage door storing information filing papers setting security system
adjusting lights getting in your car taking pictures recording diary
packing lunches storing stuff clipping nails answering phone
surfing web dusting eating a snack eating dessert
resisting eating taking vitamins reading a book decorating
maintaining the car mowing the lawn gardening putting on body lotion
putting on chapstick cuddling/snuggling filtering water waiting for clean water
waiting for hot water boiling water drinking coffee/tea drinking []
drinking hot chocolate making coffee writing email sending email
receiving email being sick taking medicine zoning
broiling meat setting alarm clock getting massaged getting a back rub
having sex taking a relaxing bath cleaning the tub cleaning the toilet
cleaning the fridge checking the fridge cleaning the oven sorting the laundry
meditating timing a meal poaching fish running the dishwasher
taping a show/movie enjoying surround sound complaining about the noisy neighbors complaining about the greedly landlord
planning the day planning a trip blowing your nose dimming the lights
wrapping gifts arguing exterminating bugs closing blinds
opening blinds making the bed rearrange the furniture using the microwave
putting out fires opening tight jar reading newspaper drinking oj
leaving post-it reminder making lists shredding paper farting
burping paying bills getting fresh air trying to cheer up
storing food in fridge getting water in cup refilling water bubbler rinsing dirty dishes
dumping leftover food in trash looking at pictures on wall looking at photo albums talking with someone "virtually"
videoconferencing playing a boardgame watching a DVD watching a video tape
audioconferencing controlling counter height organizing dishes grooming
getting medical checkup viewing health status engaging in collaborative work transforming a space
brushing the floor washing the floor using dustbin using bathroom sink
using kitchen sink controlling ambient music using wearable computer selecting jewelry
removing watch waiting for public transportation looking up phone numbers warming up car
doing food inventory (for shopping) doing food inventory (for meal planning) checking traffic yawning
paying bills using blankets falling down getting injured