Final Project

The purpose of this assignment is to have you synthesize the material we have discussed and that you have read. You will do this by writing as complete a paper on your proposed experiment as possible, given the stage of the study and data collection. You will be revising and extending the paper you submitted in the prior assignment.

Assume you have completed your pilot study. Write the paper that you might submit that presents the results (SIGCHI format, 8 pages max, but not including the References or Appendices, which can be as long as needed). You will include as much as you can given how far the experiment progressed. If results are available, you will use them. If results are not available, you will write a shell for a paper where you will later insert results when you have them. Doing this requires you to think through and justify all the details of what you propose and why. You will also need to succinctly but fully describe the technology and what it does. Provide the following:

Turn in all the materials above, including your presentation. Turn in your paper as both a PDF and Word document.