Research Assignment #3 (Study Idea Proposal)

The purpose of this assignment is to have you continue to think critically and creatively about how to study the uEMA method in an experiment at Northeastern that might be conducted during the class.

Based on all the readings and class discussion to date, make a proposal for an experiment that the class could conduct at Northeastern to test some aspect of the uEMA method. In no more than 2 pages of text (11 point font, single spaced) and as many pages of screenshots and references as you need, include the following information:

Wherever possible you should be citing articles, both from the reading list and others. You can have as many reference pages as you need. You can use the IEEE reference format to save some space on the first two pages if you want to. Please make sure the references are formated properly and that all references cited are in Mendeley and the Dropbox.

You can also have as many pages of watch templates as you need to convey how the technology would work.

Bring one copy of your write up for every person in the class to the class and Stephen, and send an email of the PDF to Name the file in this format: [your last name].research3.pdf.