Literature Review Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the experience of writing a short literature review for a scientific paper, as one way to help you start to think critically about how we currently (and will soon) measure a particular health-related behavior and the experiment we are developing in class. You will gain experience writing in a style that would be suitable for publication. Your article will provide a thorough review of the current way(s) of measuring a specific behavior and a review of the papers that have been published so far that use technology or describe technology that could be used to measure that behavior in a new way, as those ideas relate to a particular experiment.

Eventually, this text will evolve and become part of your final paper. Your final paper will have this structure:

In this assignment, you will write as much of this paper as you can at this stage in the course, with a particular focus on the intro/motivation and background and relevant prior work (roughly 4 pages of text, extra for references) and the Appendices. To do this lit review, you will focus on how a particular topic is measured today (including how that measurement evolved), and then how emerging technology can change that measurement (using, in some way, uEMA as well as possibly other technologies). That should then lead into a justification for a particular experiment to test some component of the new uEMA system.

You paper must adhere to the following format and length guidelines:

Hand in the following:

In addition to bringing a hard copy to class, send an email including your Word and PDF document to Name the file in this format: [your last name].paperpart1.pdf.