Survey Email


The purpose of this assignment is so that I can learn a bit more about you and your interests and tailor the course accordingly. Please copy and paste these questions into an email and send it back to with the subject "AMB survey".


Email (type carefully!):

Website (if available):

Link to picture of you (if available):

Degree program at Northeastern:

Your year in your degree program:

Prior degrees and schools (if any):

Please list the behaviors that you are most intersected in learning how to measure, and why:

If you work on research, provide a short description of your project(s):

What do you most went to get out of taking the class?

Describe your comfort level with computers:

What type of mobile phone do you have? (e.g., iPhone 2, Android Galaxy S, other?)

Who is your mobile phone service provider?

On your phone contract, do you have texting or data, and if so, what are the limits on what you can send each month?

How likely are you to take the class at this time?

Are there any days when you know at this time that you will not be in class?