Prototyping Assignment #2

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking critically about how we can really convert some of the major health behavior surveys to microinteractions. Based on our discussions in class, please develop specific ideas for fully converting 3 different common instruments (otherwise known as surveys). You may select the instruments but you may not use any instruments used by you or others in the class, to date. The instruments must also be selected from one of the toolkits mentioned in the reading (e.g., PhenX, PROMIS, NIH Toolbox, etc.). You must also pick surveys that measure constructs that would make sense to measure repeatedly over long periods of time (i.e., do not pick surveys on demographic information that will not change). One of the instruments that you select must be a PROMIS survey (getting access to the surveys will probably require registering on the PROMIS website).

For each survey, using the Pebble template and describe how this survey would be implemented on the Pebble. You can hand-write your solutions, but they must be neat so they are understandable and usable. Making screens with the computer is ok as well to get the font sizes right. If additional explanation of screen order or input/output mechanisms is needed, then please make sure that is included.

On a single page for each instrument you selected, please include the following information:

For each instrument, attach your paper prototype screens as well.

Please be prepared to discuss your design ideas in class on 2/26 and bring hard copies.

Send an email of all parts of the assignment to Send your text as a word document, and any other attachments named [your last name].research3.pdf.