Herman Saksono Portfolio

Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Northeastern University

Spaceship Explorers (2014)

Spaceship Explorers game Spaceship Explorers game

An Android exergame to help individuals distinguish between light, moderate, and vigorous physical activities.

Spaceship Launch (2014)

Spaceship Launch game Spaceship Launch dashboard

Collaborative exergame for promoting physical activities among families (Spacehip Launch demo). I deployed this exergame in a community gym on Spring 2014 and conducted field study to understand parental attitudes and preferences toward collaborative exergame.

Senior Wellbeing Organizer (2013)

Team project for Human-Computer Interaction course at Northeastern. Developed page turning script for magazine metaphor and non-intrusive effects using Jquery. Co-designed the page with Winni Wang. (Requires latest Chrome or Safari browser)

eLisa, Universitas Gadjah Mada (2012)

Designed user interaction for the award winning learning management system eLisa. Also designed the user interface using Jquery, Javascript, HTML and CSS.