Call For Papers

19th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop (CSFW 19)
July 5 - 7, 2006
Venice, Italy
Sponsored by the Technical Committee on Security and Privacy
of the IEEE Computer Society

Web site for submission now open, abstracts due by 30 January 2006.
Submission URL:

For nearly two decades, CSFW has brought together a small group of researchers to examine foundational issues in information security. Many seminal papers and techniques were first presented at CSFW.

We are interested in new theoretical results in computer security, but also in more exploratory presentations. Exploratory work may examine open questions and raise fundamental concerns about existing theories. Panel proposals are welcome as well as papers. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
Information flow
Security protocols
Anonymity and Privacy
Electronic voting
Network security
Resource usage control
Access control
Trust and trust management
Security models
Intrusion detection
Data and system integrity
Database security
Distributed systems security
Security for mobile computing
Executable content
Decidability and complexity
Formal methods for security
Language-based security
This year's CSFW (see the CSFW home page for background) will be held in Venice. Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press will be available at the workshop, and selected papers will be invited for submission to the Journal of Computer Security. The CiteSeer Impact page (compiled in 2003) lists CSFW as 38th out of 1200 venues in impact (3.11%) based on citation frequency.

Important Dates

Program Committee

Michael Backes, IBM Research
David Basin, ETH Zurich
Bruno Blanchet, ENS
Gérard Boudol, INRIA
Ran Canetti, IBM Research
Véronique Cortier, LORIA
Pierpaolo Degano, Pisa
Sandro Etalle, Twente
Riccardo Focardi, Venice
Andrew Gordon, Microsoft Research
Joshua Guttman, MITRE (Chair)
Matthew Hennessy, Sussex
Alan Jeffrey, Bell Labs
Gavin Lowe, Oxford
Jonathan Millen, MITRE
John Mitchell, Stanford
Andrew Myers, Cornell
Michael Rusinowitch, LORIA
Mark Ryan, Birmingham
Andrei Sabelfeld, Chalmers
Andre Scedrov, Pennsylvania
Steve Schneider, Surrey
Vitaly Shmatikov, Texas
Lenore Zuck, Illinois/Chicago

Workshop Location

The 19th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop will be held in the facilities of Venice International University, located on the island of San Servolo, about 10 minutes by water ferry from the Piazza San Marco. This year's workshop will be held a few days earlier than ICALP, in the same location.

Instructions for Participants

Although submission is open to anyone, attendance is by invitation. All authors of accepted papers are invited to attend, and authors are required to ensure that at least one will be present. This year's meeting location will allow us to invite more participants than previous years. ICALP attendees or other scholars who would like to attend CSFW are encouraged to contact the General Chair, Riccardo Focardi, about invitations.

Submission Instructions

Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with published proceedings. Papers should be submitted in Postscript or Portable Document Format (PDF). Papers submitted in a proprietary word processor format such as Microsoft Word cannot be considered. At least one coauthor of each accepted paper is required to attend CSFW-19 to present the paper.

Papers may be submitted using the two-column IEEE Proceedings style available for various document preparation systems at IEEE-CS Press. Papers in this style should be at most 12 pages long, not counting bibliography and well-marked appendices. Alternatively, papers can be in Springer LLNCS style. In LLNCS style papers must be at most 20 pages long excluding the bibliography and well-marked appendices.

Committee members are not required to read appendices, and so the paper must be intelligible without them. Papers not adhering to the page limits will be rejected without consideration of their merits.

The paper submission website will be open in January 2006.

Proposals for panels are also welcome. They should be no more than five pages in length and should include possible panelists and an indication of which of those panelists have confirmed a desire to participate. They should be submitted be email to the program chair by 10 March 2006.

A session of five-minute talks was successful last year, so we will have one again this year. Abstracts will be solicited in May.

There are PDF and plain text versions of this call for papers. For further information contact:
General ChairProgram ChairPublications Chair
Riccardo Focardi
Università di Venezia, Informatica
Via Torino 155
I-30172 Mestre (Ve), Italy
+39 041 2348438
Joshua Guttman
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Rd
Bedford, MA 01730
+1 781 271 2654
Jonathan Herzog
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Rd
Bedford, MA 01730
+1 781 271 7281