Schedule for CSU570 -- Human-Computer Interaction - Spring 2008

Professor Futrelle, CCIS, Northeastern University

Version of April 16, 2008.

All readings refer to the course textbook unless otherwise noted. In reading a chapter, read every bit of it, including the sidebars, Activities, assignment descriptions, interviews, Summary, and the Further Reading section. The authors created each of these things for a reason. Your reading for a given week should be done once before the Tuesday class. It is a good idea to re-read the chapter after the class and/or later in the course, to fully absorb and appreciate the ideas. Pay special attention to the technical terms used, because you are required to use the technical language of the HCI field in your assignments and exams.

Week 1 - Tues, Fri, Jan 8, 11
Introduction to course. What I will do. What you will need to do.
Your semester project. Resources for you.
Readings/Assignments: All course website pages - follow the instructions you find there, including the required signup for the class mailing list by the end of Friday.

Week 2 - Tues, Fri, Jan 15, 18
Readings/Assignments: Norman chapter reading, the first chapter of The design of everyday things by Don Norman that was handed out.
Textbook Chapter 1, including all sidebars.

Week 3 - Tues, Fri, Jan 23, 25
Readings/Assignments: All of Chapter 2.
Initial project ideas due: You are to email me your very first ideas about a possible
project topic by 9pm Friday evening, the 25th.
Brief quiz, #1, on the Norman chapter, Friday the 25th.

Week 4 - Tues, Jan 29, Fri, Feb 1
Readings/Assignments: Chapter 3
Assignment 1 due, hardcopy at beginning of Friday's class the 1st.

Week 5 - Tues, Fri, Feb 5, 8
Readings/Assignments: Chapter 4, plus skim Chapter 5.
Specific initial project details due: By 9pm on Tuesday, February 5th, you are to email me final details about your Project 1 that you will be handing in on Friday, February 15th.
Lecture on Friday February 8th, was cancelled.

Week 6 - Tues, Fri, Feb 12, 15
Readings/Assignments: Chapter 6, plus Chapter 7 through page 301.
Project 1 due, your first full version, hardcopy at beginning of Friday's class the 15th.

Week 7 - Tues, Fri, Feb 19, 22
Readings/Assignments: Finish reading Chapter 7, 8, and 9.
Chapters covered in class: 2/19, Chapter 7. 2/22, Chapters 8 and 9.
Assignment 2 due hardcopy at beginning of Friday's class the 22nd.

Week 8 - Tues, Fri, Feb 26, 29
MIDTERM EXAM, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th ON CHAPTERS 4 THROUGH 8 with the focus on chapters 4, 5, and 6.
Details here.

SPRING BREAK - Sat, March 1 - Sun March 9

Week 9 - Tues, Fri, March 11, 14
Readings/Assignments: Chapter 10.
Project 2 due, your second version, hardcopy at beginning of Friday's class the 14th.

Week 10 - Tues, Fri, March 18, 21
Readings/Assignments: Chapters 11 and 12.
Assignment 3 due, emailed Thursday evening, the 20th, with your descriptive document, source code, and screen shot(s).
Details here.

Week 11 - Tues, Fri, March 25, 28
QUIZ #3, FRIDAY, MARCH 28th CHAP 9, SECS 1, 2, AND 3
Readings/Assignments: Chapter 13.

Week 12 - Tues, April 1, 4
Readings/Assignments: Chapter 14.
Draft version of your final project due, hardcopy at beginning of Friday's class the 4th.

Week 13- Tues, Fri, April 8, 11
Readings/Assignments: Chapter 15.

Week 14 - Tues, April 15 (last class)
Your completed final project due Tuesday morning, hardcopy at beginning of the April 15th class.

Final exam: Tuesday April 22nd, 8:00 AM 236 FR (Forsyth)

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