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ISU535 Information Retrieval - Spring 2004 - Prof. Futrelle

Updated 6 April

The Final Exam

The Final Exam will focus on a collection papers, five of which you were exposed to in the lectures by Professors Tarasewich and Aslam and two discussed by Professor Futrelle. Since there are quite a number of papers, you are not expected to dig deeply into them. But you need to download them and read them.

Here is the page that describes the papers, their role in the Final, as well as links to downloadable copies of them I've cached on our site.

Quiz #1: Was on Monday, February 2. Details here.

The Midterm exam will be Thursday, March 11. Details will be posted and the review for the exam will be on Monday of that week, the 8th, immediately after the Spring Break week. Some preliminary notes can be found here.

March 6th: Here are the detailed notes on the MIDTERM EXAM.

The final exam will be on Wednesday, April 21 at 1:00 PM. Room TBA.

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