Accessing the ACM SIGIR proceedings via the NU Library

For ISU535, January 2004 by Prof. Futrelle

SIGIR is the:

   "Annual ACM Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval",

probably the premiere conference on the topic in the world.

You will be accessing and reading papers from the recent SIGIR conferences, so you need to know how to track them down.

How to access the ACM SIGIR proceedings through our library, from on campus.

Go to
Follow the link "Research and Information Gateway"
Follow the link "Articles, Electronic Journals, and More"
Follow the link "ACM Digital Library"
Follow the link "Connect to ACM Digital Library"
Follow the link "Go to The ACM Digital Library"
Follow the link "Proceedings"
Follow the link "SIGIR: ...."
Choose the year you need to get to the contents.
Choose and download the excerpts or full paper(s) you need.

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