Homepage - IS4300 Fall 2010 Human-Computer Interaction

Professor Futrelle
Northeastern University, College of Computer & Information Science
Version of November 1, 2010.


The class-by-class course schedule



Copy the questionnaire at http://tinyurl.com/is4300f10-you into your own Google doc, fill it in, and share it with me at my email ID. If you’re not yet sure you’ll be taking the course, please fill it in anyway.
Deadline: Monday 9/13, 5PM


Class meetings - Tues, Fri 9:50-11:30AM, 108 WVG
Robert P. Futrelle, Associate Professor - Room 476 WVH
Office hours 12PM-1PM Tuesdays or by arrangement
Phone 617-373-4239
Email/ID: last_name dot is4300f10 at gmail dot com
Course URL (this page): http://ccis.neu.edu/home/futrelle/teaching/is4300f10/homepage.html


No textbook. Instead, content will be divided between lectures and papers you will read and discuss.


The Midterm review is here: http://tinyurl.com/is4300f10-MidtermReview

My page for the comments I referenced in the grading of your Midterm are published at http://tinyurl.com/is4300f10-MidtermComents

The Midterm exam itself is published here.


Based on: Reports, quiz, midterm, semester project, discussion participation.
10% deduction for each day late, but maximum deduction is 50% if handed in. Quizzes and exams will cover material from the readings and my Friday lectures.
Additional details to follow.
I urge you to create your own list of your grades as I assign them, because they will appear at various places in the Google docs you share with me.

Google Docs http://docs.google.com

Google docs will be used for all material you hand in, which means sharing your doc with me, with editing privileges, at futrelle.is4300f10@gmail.com. I will edit my comments and grade into your handin, which you can see immediately after I do the edits.
Use your Husky or other Gmail account to work with your own Google docs.
You’ll need to create one doc for “Papers” and another for “Project”. Access your Google docs via your Husky or Gmail account. Include your name, course number, and topic in your document titles. Include the date and a title for each portion of your docs.


Friday classes will be devoted to my presentations of important HCI concepts, practices, and examples.

Papers, quizzes and participation

On most Thursdays, I will add a link to your assigned paper(s) to the class schedule. Your reports are due the following Monday by 5PM.
Each Tuesday after a paper was assigned, the class will start with a quiz about the paper. The remainder of the time will be an all-class discussion. You must participate in these discussions (not every student every Tuesday, but participate in most of them). We will discuss the papers themselves plus related information that you may have found such as other papers and books.


Project page is at: Projects - How To http://tinyurl.com/is4300f10-project

Your major assignment for the course is your project, best understood by looking at the five examples I will post.

One-on-one project meetings

Each student will have two one-on-one meetings with Professor Futrelle to discuss their project in some detail. One will be for the early stages and the other further along as you're finishing up the project.

Some earlier project topics

Programming projects are also possible (2-person teams OK)

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