CSG120 Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2007 - Exams

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Updated 16 April 2007

Information on Quiz #1 on the Overview

Information on the Midterm Exam


Information on the Final Exam

A comprehensive take-home final exam will be emailed to you as an attachment on Tuesday, April 17th and due sent to me by email by 11:59pm, Tuesday, the 24th. (if you need to hand in any hardcopy portions, get them to me in my office by 4pm, the 24th, or fax them to me by then to 617-373-5121, the CCIS office). You must meet these deadlines, because I will be en route to/from or in Illinois from Wednesday through Sunday evening, the 25th through the 29th, to attend and present at a linguistics conference.

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