Syllabus/Schedule - CSG120 Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2005

Professor Futrelle

Version of 28 March 2005

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Your responsibilities are laid out below and in the Project, Assignments and Exam pages.

Course part 1 - Agents, Search and Planning

Week 1. January 6th
Lecture 1A: Broad overview of Artificial Intelligence and this course. Introduction to Agents. Readings: AIMA Chapters 1 and 2.
Lecture 1B: Common Lisp. Readings: PAIP Chapters 1, 2 and 3. Information on accessing/acquiring Lisp can be found here.
Week 2. January 13th
Report #1 due 11:59pm, January 11th. (See Weekly Reports for details)
Assignment #1 (AIMA) Due handed in in class. Details here.
Lecture 2A: Deeper into Search. Readings: AIMA Chapters 3 and 4.
Lecture 2B: Search in Lisp. Readings: PAIP Secs 6.4 and 6.5 to prepare you for Assignment #2 due Jan 20th.
Week 3. January 20th
Report #2 due 11:59pm, January 188th.
Assignment #2 (PAIP) Search in Lisp. Handed in as hardcopy in class or emailed before class. Details here.
Lecture 3A: Constraint satisfaction and adversarial search. Readings: AIMA Chapters 5 and 6.
Lecture 3B: Constraint satisfaction in Lisp. Readings: PAIP Secs 17.1-17.3.

Course part 2 - Logic and Knowledge Representation

Week 4. January 28th
Report #3 due 11:59pm, January 26th. Postponed until Feb. 1st.
Lecture 4: AIMA Chapter 7. Logical Agents (propositional logic)
Week 5. February 3rd
Reports #3,4 (combined) due 11:59pm, February 1st. Should be longer than a single week's report.
Lecture 5: AIMA Chapter 8. First-Order Logic, plus some portion of Chapter 9 on Inference in First-Order Logic.
Week 6. February 10th
Report #5 due 11:59pm, February 8th.
Lecture 6: AIMA Finishing Chapter 9, plus Chapter 10. Knowledge Representation.

Course part 3 - Uncertainty

Week 7. February 17th
Report #6 due 11:59pm, February 16th.
Assignment #3, AIMA - logic, due.. Hand in hardcopy in class.
Lecture 7A: TBA
Lecture 7B: Review for next week's Midterm.
Week 8. February 24th
Report #7 due 11:59pm, February 23rd, focusing on your review for the Midterm.
Midterm Exam. Open book and notes.
SPRING BREAK WEEK. Sat February 26th through Sun March 6th
Week 9. March 10th
Report #8 due 11:59pm, March 8th.
Lecture 8: Much of the class devoted to going over Midterm.
Detailed preliminary Project Report due 11:59pm, Monday March 14th. See Projects page.
Week 10. March 17th
Report #9 due 11:59pm, March 15th.
Lecture 9A: Student 2 minute project presentations with discussions, questions, comments. See Projects page.
Lecture 9B: Introduction to uncertainty, probability, Chap. 13.
Week 11. March 24th
Report #10 due 11:59pm, March 22nd.
Lecture 10: Focused on Probabilistic Reasoning, Chap. 14 (will be included on Final Exam)

Course part 4 - Learning, Perception and Natural Language

Week 12. March 31st
Report #11 due 11:59pm, March 29th. Topic: Chapter 16 and 18 plus project update notes.
Lecture 11A: Finish previous Part 4 with Chapter 16: Decisions. (will be included on Final Exam)
Lecture 11B: Learning, focusing on Decision Trees and Lists, Chapter 18. (will be included on Final Exam)
Week 13. April 7th
Report #12 due 11:59pm, April 5th. Material in Lecture 12A below. Also, touch briefly on Chapters 20 and 22. Also include a brief note on your progress on your project.
Lecture 12A: Learning: Secs. 19.2 through 19.4. Rapid run-through of topics in Chapter 20.
Lecture 12B: Brief introduction to Natural Language, Chapter 22.
Week 13/14. April 12th: Assignment #4 due 11:59pm
See the Assignments page.
Week 14. April 14th (last class)
Report #13 due 11:59pm, April 12th. Your final thoughts on the course.
Lecture 13A: Student pre-final project report presentations. 5 minutes. See Projects page.
Lecture 13B: Review for Final Exam.
Final Project Reports due 11:59pm, Monday April 18th. See Projects page.
Final Exam: April 21st
Open book and notes. See the Exams page.

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