Books on Reserve, Snell Library, CSG120 Sp05

January 2005 -- Prof. Futrelle

The following books are, or will soon be on Reserve at Snell Library:

The two course textbooks:

#1: Artificial intelligence : a modern approach	
by Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig 
Prentice Hall/Pearson Education, 2003.
1 copy ordered for SNELL STACKS on 12-10-2004.
2nd ed.
1080 pgs.
ISBN 	0137903952

#2: Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: 
    Case Studies in Common LISP	
by Peter Norvig
Morgan Kaufman Publishers, 1992.
946 pgs.
ISBN 	1558601910 
SNELL QA76.6 .N687 1992
Others on reserve:

#3:  ANSI Common Lisp
by Paul Graham
Prentice Hall publishers, 1996.
432 pgs
ISBN 	0133708756 
SNELL QA76.73.C28 G69 1996

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