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Therapon Skotiniotis - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of 9 September 2004

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CS G100 Data Structures (4 SH)
Rapidly introduces programming techniques, algorithms, data structures, abstraction and modularization using a high level language, such as Java. Studies data structures such as records, arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, heaps and graphs. Introduces iteration and recursion as techniques for problem solving. Examines algorithms for binary search, heap sort, quick sort, depth-first and breadth-first tree and graph traversal, shortest path and minimal spanning tree. Additional topics include: set operations and hashing.

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Northeastern University, and the College of Computer and Information Sciences, Boston, MA.
Therapon Skotiniotis   Email me at: skotthe@ccs.neu.edu.
Skotiniotis's Office:
330 WVH
Office hours:
To be arranged.
Hardcopy mailbox:
202 WVH
The primary text/reference will be the online Java book, The Java(TM) Tutorial: A Short Course on the Basics (3rd Edition) by Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath, and Alison Huml (Addison-Wesley, 2004)
Personal Help:
Skotiniotis has regularly scheduled office hours,. If you need help at any time, find Skotiniotis, or call or send email, or ask in class to set up an appointment.
Tuesdays, 6-9pm Room: 424 Hayden
The course email archives:
We'll sign up all the students for the course mailing list so you can all get important notices and exchange questions, answers and information. All mail to the list is archived at https://lists.ccs.neu.edu/pipermail/csg100-f04-rpf/. Post away -- your questions and information may well be of interest to other students in the class. Post mail to the list from your registered email address to: csg100-f04-rpf@lists.ccs.neu.edu

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