Emacs Editor HowTo -- A quick-reference list

by R. P. Futrelle (from James Dennis, Fall 2000).


Keystrokes	Action
C-p		Up one line
C-n		Down one line
C-f		Forward one character
C-b		Backward one character
C-a		Beginning of line
C-e		End of line
C-v		Down one page
M-v		Up one page
M-f		Forward one word
M-b		Backward one word
M-<		Beginning of buffer
M->		End of buffer
C-g		Quit current operation

Basic Usage:

Keystrokes	Function		Description
C-x C-s     	save-buffer		Save the current buffer to disk
C-x u       	undo               	Undo the last operation
C-c C-f     	find-file          	Open a file from disk
C-s         	isearch-forward    	Search forward for a string
C-r         	isearch-backward   	Search backward for a string
            	replace-string     	Search & replace for a string
            	replace-regexp     	Search & replace using regexp
C-h t       	help-with-tutorial 	Use the interactive tutorial
C-h f       	describe-function  	Display help for a function
C-h v       	describe-variable  	Display help for a variable
C-h x       	describe-key       	Display what a key sequence does
C-h a       	apropos            	Search help for string/regexp
C-h F       	view-emacs-FAQ     	Display the Emacs FAQ
C-h i       	info               	Read the Emacs documentation
C-x r m     	bookmark-set       	Set a bookmark. Useful in searches
C-x r b     	bookmark-jump      	Jump to a bookmark.