COM3113 -- Fundamentals of Programming -- Assignments

College of Computer Science -- Northeastern University

Fall Quarter 2001

Assignment 1

Due by the end of Saturday, September 29th.

For the week of Sept. 10th - 17th:

Begin using the Unix system, via a dial-in or in the lab, or preferably, in both ways. Practice creating directories and navigating between them. Use the course Programming Resources page as a guide.

Create the directory .www in your login directory for later use with your applets.

Start using the emacs editor in Unix to create some simple files.

Using emacs, create the following simple file in your .www directory:

  Hi, me.

Save the file with the name: myfirst.html Then, if you use your web browser (and replace "fred" with your login ID), go to: It will then display "Hi, me." in your browser. Your first web page. (You may already know how to write HTML, that's fine. But we want you to create pages in your .www directory for work in this course.) Here's the one I created, at

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