Syllabus/Schedule - COM1370 Computer Graphics - Spring 2003

Professor Futrelle

Version of 31 May 2003

This schedule lists important exam and project due dates. I will send email to the class when any important updates have been made to this schedule. In this schedule notation such as "R3" stands for Report 3, with time scheduled during class for two teams to report.

Week 1. Wed. March 26
Course Introduction. Requirements: Linear Algebra is a prerequisite. You will have to do your course programming in Java. Rapid start on: Vector geometry. Linear algebra. Programming in Java. A number of small group projects. Your project and web directories on CCIS Sun systems. How you will choose teams by Friday and projects next Wednesday.
Thurs. March 27
Linear Algebra. Some material in Appendix A but focus will be on material in Chap. 5. Start with 2x2 matrices for geometrical transformations. Sec. 5.1.
Week 2. Mon. March 31
How graphics hardware works. How to do graphics in Java. Java Swing and Java 2D. How to do Java on CCIS Sun Solaris systems. Java resources. Final team assignments handed out. Comments on project contents.
Wed. April 2
Project Lottery today.. Teams: Have your top five choices ready. After the Projects are assigned, I will distribute the class reports schedule.
Thurs. April 3
Geometrical transforms. Homogeneous coordinates. Rotations and translations, inverses. Sec. 5.2.
Week 3. Mon. April 7. R1.
Order of transformations. Sec. 5.3
Wed. April 9 QUIZ #1
Covering linear algebra and geometrical transformations. You will need to do computations, create transformations and draw diagrams.
Thurs. April 10. R2.
3D transforms. The complexity of rotations in three dimensions.
Color, Chap. 13: Skim all of Sec. 13.1, and 13.2 to top off pg. 579. Read more carefully Secs. 13.3.1 (RGB) and 13.3.2 (CMY) as well as the color plates Plate II.1 through Plate II.14.
Week 4. Mon. April 14. R3.
Quiz returned and discussed. Interactive Java. GUIs with Swing. Examples of mouse interaction event handling, timers.
Wed. April 16. R4.
Chap. 3. Scan conversion of lines, focusing on Secs. 3.2.1 (DDA) and 3.2.2 (Bresenham). Antialiasing, Secs. 3.17.2.
Thurs. April 17. R5.
Filling polygons: Sec. 3.6 to top of pg. 95. Sec. 3.6.3, both the static data structure and its dynamics. Sec. 19.5.2 on recursive fill by scan lines. Complex polygons and winding rules, Sec. 19.2.8.
Week 5. Mon. April 21. R6.
Clipping: Lines. Sec. 3.12.3. Polygons. Sec. 3.14.1.
Wed. April 23
Review for Midterm Exam.
Thurs. April 24. MIDTERM EXAM
Covering all material through Mon, April 21st.
Week 6. Mon. April 28. R7.
Midterm returned and discussed. Begin discussion of curve representations.
Wed. April 30. R8.
Focus on Bézier curves. Sec. 11.2, esp. 11.2.2 and Eq. 11.29.
Thurs. May 1. R9.
Curves and path construction. "Circles" in PDF. Java 2D's path iterator.
Week 7. Mon. May 5. R10.
Polygon meshes, Sec. 11.1. Properties of planes, Sec. 11.1.3. Relation to visibility issues of Chap. 15.
Wed. May 7. R11.
Discussion of Project problems/issues.
Thurs. May 8. R12.
Visibility and rendering. Chap. 15, Secs. 15.2.1, 15.2.3, 15.2.4, 15.4, 15.5.1.
Week 8. Mon. May 12. R13.
Ray tracing and realism in computer graphics. Sec. 15.10 and 15.10.1.
Wed. May 14. R14.
Animation 1.
Thurs. May 15. R15.
Week 9. Mon. May 19.
Review for Quiz #2.
Wed. May 21. Quiz #2.
See the Quiz review here.
Thurs. May 22
Discussion of Projects
Week 10. Mon. May 26
Wed. May 28. R17.
Quiz #2 returned and discussed.
Thurs. May 29
Last class. Review for the Final Exam.
June 2-7 Final Exam Week
COM1370 Final will be at 8am on Tuesday, June 3rd, 322 Hayden

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