COM1370 Summer 2002 -- The Java language/platform

Professor Futrelle -- College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Updated Tuesday 6/25/2002)


This course page contains useful links to Java resources. When I want to know just about anything, I simply use to search. It works fine for virtually any kind of question you might have about the Java language.

Books -- Hardcopy and on-line

At last count there were over sixteen hundred books on the Java language, so picking out a few to suggest here is not easy!

Here's a complete on-line edition of Bruce Eckel's Thinking In Java 2nd Edition (cached on the CCS site). (Added June 29, 2002). There's source code in the book at various places, but to see the source code as a file, wehn you see a reference to it such as "", you'll need to add the following directory and file after the tij-2nd/ path, to give, e.g.,
(I was unable to find an index page for the source code and there are no links to it from the book, it seems.)

Eckel's book is a quite popular one, and among other things, has color-coded source code and snippets, e.g., frame.setVisible(true); which makes it a pleasure to read. You can download the entire book free from many places if you want your own copy of it (7MB unzipped).

On-line reference materials

Java graphics and Applets

Javadoc -- Generating APIs from your comments

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