COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design - Spring 2001 - Reviewing for the Final Exam

Professor Futrelle -- College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Version of 5/31/2001)

The Final Exam will be on Tuesday, June 5th in 458 RI (Richards) from 1pm to 3pm


The Final Exam will be very similar to the Midterm Exam. This document contains a link to the answers for the Midterm as well as notes about any differences that you can expect between the Midterm and Final. First of all, you should assume that any material from the Midterm could appear, with slight variations, on the Final. The major points to pay attention to here are any possible additional topics that you might need to study for.

The Midterm Exam answers are here. The answers are quite extensive. Studying them will help you a lot on the Final.

Possible additional topics or emphases on the Final

Whenever there's a reference in the list below to a figure or a sidebar or some specific code, you need to read the material in the accompanying text that explains the item in more detail.

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