COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design - Summer 2001 - Honors Topics

Professor Futrelle -- College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Updated Friday 7/6/2001)

My email summary of students notes about their projects:

Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 12:00:37 -0400
From: Bob Futrelle <>
To: COM1204 Honors Sm2001:  ;
Cc: Bob Futrelle <>,
     "Jing (Jennifer) Shan" <>
Subject: What I've heard from COM1204 Honors people as of 7/6/01

I've gotten some ideas of specific directions from eight
of you.  So by Monday, before 3:30, when you're all supposed
to give  me an update on what you're doing for the COM1204
Honors Adjunct, I'll be looking for info  from the rest of
you about what you plan to do this quarter.

In some cases, I've heard from you explaining that a pair
of you are going to work together, but these notes have not
all included the topic you'll choose.

Here are some of the topics mentioned by you so far:
"After the meeting today I looked over the list of projects, and narrowed my
choices down to one of the applets at the top of the list.  So far I've
looked at some swing code & got a barebones application running.  I'm
playing around with the GUI stuff just so I can get it right."
"I think I will work on option 6 on the course page, "create an animated
applet that highlights statements in source code in the order they're
executed."  I plan to start with the simpler option 2, and extend it from
there.  I may decide to expand it out to include displaying the stack and
heap call or some sort of class diagram, but I don't want to get too far
ahead of myself before I even get started."

(My answer to the above -- yes, that's a good  update for starters.)
"As far as my project is concerned. I have looked over the suggestions on
the web page. I would like to do an applet, perhaps the one that displays
how the stack and heap are affected during an assignment statement. I am
going to purchase a Java reference book this week because I'm not that
familiar with the language yet and will get started on it as soon as

If I find that the programming necessary is too intensive for me then I
will resort to writing one of the reports on Java instead."
"We are working on the task
to read in a java file and produce an HTML page that lists the Requires,
Effects, and Modifies for each function.

Last week, we started writing code and are working on parsing through an
input file. This week and next week, we hope to get the code to be able to
input the file and search for all occurences of those 3 words. I am not
exactly sure yet how we are going to produce the HTML code from that, but we
first need to get the input working correctly."
"After looking at the list you posted, the ones that interest me are:

4. Create a system that will find the REQUIRES, MODIFIES and EFFECTS clauses
of a specification and create an HTML page summarizing them for all methods
in a given class. (The system reads in the source file, finds the method
definitions and then finds and organizes the specification clauses.)

---This seems interesting, and I would probably try to do it in PHP, which
has object oriented type features.  (I would also be interested in doing a
PHP only type project, if possible)

12. A critique of various parts of our textbook, for clarity, consistency,
etc. Must include specific details and suggestions for improvements.

13. Compare our textbook to other leading textbooks on OO design. Again,
specific examples needed.

---I would do either of these, because I'm a "book learner" and for most
classes end up reading cover to cover from the textbook.

I'll let you know when I decide further."
"The plan for the week will be to pick a topic and think
about the implementation of it and perhaps write some introductory code."

Looks like we're off to  a good start.  Keep up the good work!

 -- RPF
And I also sent out:
"For our project, we were considering working on a Java IRC Bot. The
actual purpose of the bot would be basic channel maintenance (oper
lists, bans, kicking abusive users, etc.) The project would entail
creating a number of classes (Server, User, Channel, ...) to maintain
all the data and connection states, and so on."

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