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Opus, a commercial biology text mining system

All I know about this product is what I read on their website, 2/24/2002. All the results appear to point to PubMed abstracts. They produce an interesting looking interactive Java applet result diagram.

BioNLP readers might want to try it out and send comments to the list at the list address:

The X-MINE company site at

Their demo page.

Their About Opus page.

-- Bob Futrelle

PS: Here's the text of the email I received from the company:

Introducing Opus for Biological Knowledge Discovery

BRSIBANE, California, January 23, 2002-  X-MINE Inc today introduced the
Opus biological knowledge discovery application on-line for extracting
known and  hidden, literature-based, biological relationships between
human genes. Accessible from Opus is a novel,
proprietary application for biomedical text mining developed at X-MINE.

For the biological researcher Opus is useful for exploring known and
hidden relationships between the query gene and all other human genes,
which otherwise requires extensive literature search. For
non-researchers, Opus is useful in providing quick, comprehensive
"executive summaries" and overviews of biological knowledge. Detailed
results are presented in a table that includes all significantly related
genes with scores representing the strength of each relationship. This
can be a valuable research tool not only for scientists, but also for
managers, executives, and patent attorneys involved in the
biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and genomics industries.