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This little series of pages collects numerous items of interest into one concentrated area. Herein the explorer will be able to find all sorts of neat stuff, and see the word "stuff" used quite a bit more frequently than average.

There has been a deliberate effort to stick to good, solid HTML (version 3 currently; updating to version 3.2 is in the list of near-term projects) in the coding of these pages so don't expect to see any Netscapeisms or the like. On the contrary, this site should be mostly Lynx-friendly (except in obvious cases) and should be fairly fast-loading (except for the little spinning globe) for those with slow connections. There was also a deliberate effort to favor text-only versions of things that don't benefit from pictures. (Why would anyone ever want a graphics version of a search engine? Some people must just like wasting time.) Currently there are few sounds and relatively few images on this site (the first sentence of the following paragraph gives the primary reason for their absence). This will change in the future.

As my personal space on this server is somewhat limited, the current selection consists mostly of links to other sites that I found interesting. Little bits of real information can also be found if one looks hard enough... in fact there is currently nearly 4M of real information here.

Note that I have no personal affiliation with any of the companies mentioned in any of these links (unless explicitly stated elsewhere). Rather I just thought they were neat for some reason or another.

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