CSU200 Discrete Structures

College of Computer and Information Science

Northeastern University

Spring Semester 2009

Class meeting times/location          MWTh 10:30-11:35am, 415 Shillman
Textbook          Discrete Structures by Javed Aslam and Harriet Fell

A list of the topics covered each day (as well as the dates of exams and homeworks) can be found on the topics schedule.

A weekly schedule is also available, showing the times and locations of lecture, recitation and office hours.

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Instructor:                      Teaching Assistant:
Eric Miles
Email: enmiles@ccs.neu.edu
Office: 266 WVH
Office Hours: M & W, 1-3pm
Kristyna Reisberg
Email: reisberg.k@gmail.com
Office: 476 WVH
Office Hours: Th 4-7pm

Implementing Logic Gates
                Graph Algorithm Applet by Harriet Fell
"Exploring Steganography:Seeing the Unseen" by Neil F. Johnson and Sushil Jajodia
"How to Design Programs, An Introduction to Computing and Programming" by Matthias Felleisen, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthew Flatt, and Shriram Krishnamurthi
"The Scheme Programming Language, second edition" by R. Kent Dybvig
Graph Paper

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