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Mathematical, Computational and Applied Data Science Lab is a research lab in the College of Computer and Information Science at the Northeastern University, led by Dr. Ehsan Elhamifar. Our research includes 1) development of mathematical and computational techniques to model and analyze complex problems involving massive and heterogenous high-dimensional data, 2) design of robust and efficient algorithms to perform learning, inference and decision making using developed mathematical models, and 3) applying our techniques to solve challenging real-world problems in computer vision, robotics and other application areas. For more information about our activities, please visit Research and Publications pages.

Research Team

 Lab Director
Ehsan Elhamifar
 Ehsan Elhamifar
 Graduate Students
Clara De Paolis Kaluza
 Clara De Paolis Kaluza
Dat Huynh
Dat Huynh
Karthik Viswanathan
Karthik Viswanathan

 Former Members
  • Haiyi Mao, MS, 2016

  • Yugang Wang, Visiting PhD, 2016 – 2017