txt2page (txt2page.tar.bz2) is a bash/vim/groff script that converts free-form plain text into HTML and PDF. groff is needed only for PDF.

  % txt2page filename.txt

creates filename.html. Here, txt2page is assumed already placed in your PATH, and % is your Un*x command-line prompt.

List of commands possible.

You can supply groff-like options to txt2page. For HTML, the only relevant one is -s.

For PDF, use the option -Tpdf and other usual groff options for fonts, layout, &c. E.g.

  % txt2page -Tpdf -f baskervald -r PS=31p -r LL=7i -r PO=.63i filename.txt
  % txt2page -Tpdf -r PS=14p -r LL=6i -r PO=1.13i filename.txt

For HTML, if -s option is not used,

  .so filename Some Additional Description

merely *links* to (the HTML version of) filename with Some Additional Description serving as link text. In troff of course, both syntaxes cause sourcing of filename. I had it this way because it’s a way to coax a Table of Contents into the HTML without additional markup.

If txt2page is called with the -s option, however, all .so calls cause interpolation (recursively). In addition, the navigation (.NAV) commands are ignored. This allows you to create one single all-encompassing HTML page for the document, chasing down all subfiles.

(Last modified: 2013-03-23)