4  Resetting SLaTeX’s defaults

A sample style modification file for SLaTeX would include redefinition of the names of the codesetting control sequences; adjustment of the display parameters; modification of the font assignments for keywords, constants, variables, and special symbols; and addition of new keywords, constants, variables, and special symbols to SLaTeX’s database.

Let’s assume you want

1. a centered display style with no vertical skips;

2. the names \code, {schemefrag}, {scmbox}, \sinput instead of \scheme, {schemedisplay}, {schemebox} and \schemeinput;

3. tokens to disregard case;

4. the keywords to come out in typewriter, the constants in roman, and the variables in bold;

5. und and oder as keywords, true and false as constants, define as a variable (overriding default as keyword!), F as a constant (f will also be a constant, due to case-insensitivity!);

6. top and bottom to print as [slatxdoc-Z-G-D-7.png] and [slatxdoc-Z-G-D-8.png] respectively.

This could be set up as

\abovecodeskip 0pt 
\belowcodeskip 0pt 
\leftcodeskip 0pt plus 1fil 
\rightcodeskip 0pt plus 1fil 
\setkeyword{und oder} 
\setconstant{true false} 

This file can then be \input in the preamble of your (La)TeX document.