2  The SLaTeX style files

The LaTeX (or TeX) file that is given to SLaTeX undergoes some code-setting preprocessing and is then handed over to LaTeX (or TeX). The style file slatex.sty defines the appropriate commands so that LaTeX (or TeX) can recognize the SLaTeX-specific directives and deal with them appropriately. As mentioned above, you may either \input the file slatex.sty, or use it as the \documentstyle option slatex.

The default database of SLaTeX recognizes the keywords and constants of Scheme. The database can be modified with the commands \setkeyword, \setconstant, \setvariable, \setdata, \setspecialsymbol and \unsetspecialsymbol (qv). If you’re using Common Lisp rather than Scheme, use cltl.sty instead of slatex.sty. cltl.sty loads slatex.sty and modifies the database to reflect Common Lisp. You may also fashion your own .sty files on the model of cltl.sty.