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The example code

Download from GitHub the source for this document and the example code. This produces a directory lfelessons with the following tree structure:

├── manifest
├── makefile
├── doc
│   ├── index.txt
│   ├── title.txt
│   ├── intro.txt
│   └── ...
└── src
    ├── montyhall.lfe
    ├── montecarlo.lfe
    ├── guess.lfe
    └── ...

doc contains the sources for this document. src contains the example code. There is also a makefile which may be called with various arguments:

• make html makes the HTML version of the document.

• make beam compiles the example LFE module files in src into a subdirectory called ebin. If you have unpacked lfelessons in a directory under ERL_LIBS, you may access the compiled modules without qualification.

• make test runs tests on the example modules.

• make dist makes a tarball out of the directory.

• make clean removes all the created files (compiled modules, HTML, auxiliary files).

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