Warning: Excessive Cuteness Ahead.

You might have already seen Tom Spindler's homepage, considering that links to my homepage are pretty scarce. He is my Sweetpea, so if you haven't seen his homepage, you should check it out. More pictures to come soon, once we get them developed.

Grommit, the Mystical One-Eyed SheBeast of Ann Arbor.

She's furry. She's tiny. She's nibbly. And she's got absolutely no depth perception. Weighing in at an ounce or two of grey-haired good-natured fury, Grommit is the UberHamster of Southeastern Michigan. Bred for beauty if not brains, her hobbies are eating navel oranges, flinging bits of cedar wood into her water dish, and getting her ball stuck underneath the bathtub. She's mastered the art of climbing up her tube to her lookout tower, and can now go down the tube at a controlled plummet instead of a flat-out free fall.

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